Bundesministerium des Innern

The new building for the Federal Ministry of the Interior in Berlin, which meets the highest security requirements, is being built on the Moabiter Werder in the immediate vicinity of the government quarter.

In an international two-phase competition, the jury decided in favour of the building consisting of three "Zs" of different heights by the Berlin architects Thomas Müller Ivan Reimann Architekten.

The concise ground plan and the staggering of the building volumes respond to the irregular layout of the site, the movement of the city railway and the adjoining urban spaces. They divide the large building mass into individual recognizable volumes that react to the scale of the surrounding spaces. A sequence of squares, courtyards and atriums shapes the way through the building. The city square is the main entrance for employees and visitors.

Client / Contractor: Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks Federal Office for Building and Regional Planning
Project location: Berlin
Project duration: 2008
Codema Services:
  • Services for thermal building physics and building climate, in particular
  • Proof according to energy saving regulation 2009
  • Proof of summer thermal insulation
  • Proof of compliance with the "Guideline on Structural and Planning Requirements for Federal Construction Measures to Ensure Thermal Comfort in Summer" (Climate Decree)
  • Thermal building simulation calculation for the optimization of cooling loads (geothermal energy)
  • waterproofing consulting
  • facade consulting
  • Thermal bridge calculations