BIM building scan

On behalf of the State of Berlin, Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH (BIM) manages the special real estate fund with currently 440 properties.

As part of the building scan of the "Oberstufenzentren" sub-portfolio, the structural and technical condition of the building was recorded and evaluated uniformly in order to optimise the energy efficiency of these buildings in the development of refurbishment concepts and to ensure the long-term use of the building.

In addition, the building scan is used to record the technical inspection objects and to prepare a prioritised cost and measure plan based on technical and building law considerations.

Client / Contractor: ARCADIS Deutschland GmbH Sondervermögen Immobilien des Landes Berlin, represented by BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH
Project location: Berlin
Project duration: 2013
Codema Services:
  • Creation of energy certificates on the basis of energy demand
  • Contributing to the preparation of an energy report for each building in the EnEV verification procedure
  • Information on possible energy and CO2 savings2-Einsparungen
  • Specification of building physics characteristics for determining investment costs and payback times for energy optimizations