Success through Proficiency:

Codema is the consulting engineer in national and international industrial, process plant and power station design.

One of Codema's unique selling points is our wide-ranging and extensive experience in industrial, process plant and power station design.

Our Design division has been specialising in this technically advanced field for about 40 years. Since then, we have successfully realised projects for many well-known clients in the field of industrial process plants and power stations, in Germany as well as abroad. In accordance with the development in our other target markets, we additionally have   continued to expand our activity in non-industrial building constructions (commercial buildings) and special constructions (e. g. sports facilities). Our focus is always to find the best technical solution for our clients.

As general designers, we offer a variety of construction design services to our clients. We accompany our clients every step of the way, starting at feasibility studies and initial cost estimates, through basic and detailed engineering with the preparation of tender documents ranging to construction supervision and documentation. Naturally, we are also involved on site for our clients: As design coordinator, construction supervisor, designer or as consulting engineer and expert.

Codema's most notable strenght is the close cooperation between our Design and Project Management departments. With this quality, we can offer services in construction design and project management in building construction as well as industrial, plant and power plant construction as one single provider.