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Success through Partnership:

Codema International GmbH.
Your Partner for Construction Design and Project Management.

Since its founding in 1974 Codema has been a successful independent Engineering Consultant. With two specialty departments for Design and for Project Management, Codema offers solutions for projects of every size in Germany and worldwide for public and private sectors.

In Construction Design we concentrate on complex design tasks in industrial, process and power plants. With more than 40 years of experience we are one of the leading specialists in this area.

Our performance in the field of Project Management includes buildings, infrastructure, industrial, process and power plant. We lead the way with our QM- certified project execution system and our client-oriented approach.

Codema clients benefit from close cooperation between the two specialty departments, from which we can form a single project team as needed for a complete solution.

Quality, Partnership and Commitment is important to us in all our work. We want our clients to be true partners and set out to provide economical and comprehensive attention to the smallest detail to ensure success.

Our motto: “Best for your project, because only the best is good enough.”


Success through Proficiency:

Codema is the consulting engineer in national and international industrial, process plant and power station design.

One of Codema's unique selling points is our wide-ranging and extensive experience in industrial, process plant and power station design.

Our Design division has been specialising in this technically advanced field for about 40 years. Since then, we have successfully realised projects for many well-known clients in the field of industrial process plants and power stations, in Germany as well as abroad. In accordance with the development in our other target markets, we additionally have   continued to expand our activity in non-industrial building constructions (commercial buildings) and special constructions (e. g. sports facilities). Our focus is always to find the best technical solution for our clients.

As general designers, we offer a variety of construction design services to our clients. We accompany our clients every step of the way, starting at feasibility studies and initial cost estimates, through basic and detailed engineering with the preparation of tender documents ranging to construction supervision and documentation. Naturally, we are also involved on site for our clients: As design coordinator, construction supervisor, designer or as consulting engineer and expert.

Codema's most notable strenght is the close cooperation between our Design and Project Management departments. With this quality, we can offer services in construction design and project management in building construction as well as industrial, plant and power plant construction as one single provider.

Success through Resourcefulness:

Codema is the experienced, QM-certified Project Manager for all project phases and areas of activity.

Leading clients from the public and private sectors use Codema's services for very good reasons:

Codema's Project Management is exemplary. Our in-house developed QM-certified Project Management System ensures that all Project phases and areas of activity are carried out efficiently and to the highest standards. In this way we can successfully execute major projects such as Berlin Central Station.

Our expertise also includes project management in national and international industrial and power plant, supported by our design experience in this area.

Another strength is Codema's involvement with public works. We have extensive experience and knowledge of how to best develop, support and expedite public projects.

In all these areas we apply what we call "Living Quality Management". We apply this in every project right down to the smallest detail. We devote attention to the individual needs of our clients and we are dedicated to working with integrity in every project partnership.

Codema is a member of DVP, the German association of Project Management.

In modelling hands:

Codema works on BIM projects in consulting, planning and control.

Due to our many years of experience with three-dimensional and collaborative planning in industrial construction, Codema switched to BIM at an early stage.

Building Information Modeling - a working method for creating a digital model for all life cycle phases of a building. BIM describes a cooperative working methodology that uses digital models of a building to consistently capture and manage the information and data relevant to the life cycle of a building, and to exchange this information and data in transparent communication between the parties involved, or to hand it over for further processing.

Codema masters the necessary planning, coordination and management tools. We have been using three-dimensional and object-oriented planning programs since before BIM.

We link scheduling and cost models with our building models and create model-based scheduling and dynamic cost calculations as well as tenders with a high degree of automation.

We have consistently promoted the necessary know-how, the configuration of the tools and the creation of the necessary libraries in recent years and are therefore ready for use for our customers from day one.

You too can benefit from the many advantages of the BIM method!

Codema and Ingérop Deutschland are conducting an in-house research and development project on BIM. We present at specialist events and are represented with our managing director Peter Döinghaus at the BIM certificate course of the DVP (lecturer) and at the BIM working group of the DVP (working group leader).

In effective hands:

Codema works with integral solutions.

Together they work as a principle: Integral solutions are the key to success, especially in future-oriented areas such as sustainable construction, renewable energies and passive house planning.

Our specialists work in the field of classical building physics and handle related tasks for small and large projects.

In addition to our in-depth knowledge in the areas of verification and certification, our customers also benefit from our expertise in building diagnosis and expert opinions.

With our expertise in energy-related issues and our understanding of integral planning, we offer interdisciplinary support in order to achieve project goals with the greatest possible success and economic efficiency.

Download the new Building Physics Brochure here

Success through Advancement:

Get ahead with Codema,
in every respect.

Every company is only as good as the people who work for it.

That's why we seek for the best. This does not only mean specialist expertise but also people who are excited about their work and are committed to their projects and clients. In short, we look for colleagues who embody and promote our company's motto: “Best for your project. Because only the best is good enough.”

In return we offer you the best:

  • Interesting and varied tasks and projects, in Germany and abroad.
  • A positive, friendly and motivating work environment.
  • Being part of a professional team.
  • Excellent prospects for those new to their Profession through mentoring by experienced colleagues.
  • Professional development throught an extensive internal and external continuing education concept.
  • Consistent individual career support from graduate recruit to leadership level.
  • Recognition and respect.

With good reason most of our employees have been with us for many years.

Would you like to be part of this team? We look forward to hearing from you.

Success through Engagement:

Codema is there for you, always and everywhere.

Thank you for your interest in Codema.

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