Success through Resourcefulness:

Codema is the experienced, QM-certified Project Manager for all project phases and areas of activity.

Leading clients from the public and private sectors use Codema's services for very good reasons:

Codema's Project Management is exemplary. Our in-house developed QM-certified Project Management System ensures that all Project phases and areas of activity are carried out efficiently and to the highest standards. In this way we can successfully execute major projects such as Berlin Central Station.

Our expertise also includes project management in national and international industrial and power plant, supported by our design experience in this area.

Another strength is Codema's involvement with public works. We have extensive experience and knowledge of how to best develop, support and expedite public projects.

In all these areas we apply what we call "Living Quality Management". We apply this in every project right down to the smallest detail. We devote attention to the individual needs of our clients and we are dedicated to working with integrity in every project partnership.

Codema is a member of DVP, the German association of Project Management.