Revitalisation of Luggage Handling Center

In the center of Frankfurt airport is the building complex 251/252 (V3), the central luggage (handling) hall of the apron area.

To guarantee a permanent use and for a sustainable improvement of the energy consumption, a revitalization of both buildings was conducted.

In the course of the measure several individual projects were integrated in the project, which were planned and constructed parallel or in advance.

The actual revitalization process, including a complete reformation of the domestic technology, the exchange of luggage handling systems, several building measures such as a new facade as well as demolition works, was developed during ongoing operations in the airport.

The superior scheduling considered the ongoing side projects (new construction of the service building BVD, adaption measures, southern expansion GFA, refrigerating machine and clean-up work from previous conversion measures).

Client / Contractor: Fraport AG
Project location: Frankfurt am Main
Project duration: 2010 - 2012
Codema Services:
  • Project management based on ยง205 AHO