ICT Cubes RWTH Aachen

Project management to support in construction. The ICT Cubes contain six IT-oriented institutes of the faculty of electronic engineering. The Cubes were built as six-(Cube Süd/South Cube) and seven-storey (Cube Nord/North Cube) constructions with a square formed ground plan with ca. 26 meters edge length. The constructions are linked through the representative “middle zone” and the glassy connection bridge.

The project was performed by a general planner and an individual craft. Because of a well planned construction process and a strict schedule control, it was already ensured in the beginning of the project, that the buildings could be heated during the winter season by an early-built geothermal system in combination with district heat and the concrete core activation, so that the inner construction could be forwarded during winter.

Client / Contractor: Construction and property management NRW
Project location: Aachen
Project duration: 2013 - 2015
Codema Services:
  • All sectors (based on AHO)
  • Project phases 4-5 (based on AHO)