Refurbishment of an Office Building

After 20 years of usage as an office building the DB Immobilienservice GmbH has rebuilt the former residence of the DB corporate headquarters and modernized the infrastructure of the office.

The reconstruction measures should improve the communication in the building and increase its attractiveness for the employees. Simultaneously the representative impact on the outside should be improved. Because of a strict schedule and a realization during the running operations in the building, the requirements on the logistics were really high. Codema was assigned with the project control of the refurbishment and advised the project administration in its daily operations. The design as well as the whole project coordination had the aim to minimize the impact on the employees during the whole construction phase.

Client / Contractor: Deutsche Bahn AG Deutsche Bahn AG
Project location: Frankfurt am Main
Project duration: 2013 - 2014
Codema Services:
  • All sectors (based on AHO)
  • Project phases 1-5 (based on AHO)