New construction of justice center, Bad Kreuznach

The new four-storey justice centre in Bad Kreuznach is divided into a public and a non-public area and the cellar area with archives and cells of custody. A green inner courtyard brings sufficient daylight and fresh air into the interior rooms. The offices have glare and sun protection as well as night cooling. The courtrooms are also equipped with modern ventilation and cooling technology.

Due to the high security requirements, all doors are equipped with electronic locking cylinders, the entrance and exit is secured by a lock function and all cameras, barriers and escape routes can be monitored and controlled from the gate.

Federal Building Agency, branch office Idar-Oberstein Federal Building Agency, branch office Idar-Oberstein
Project location: Bad Kreuznach
Project duration: 2017 - 2018
Codema Services:
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